Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Every week I visit with financial advisors about their support staff; and usually hear things like:

  • “I need my help to be better trained.”
  • “The people in my office just don’t get it.”
  • And my favorite, “It’s so tough to find qualified employees.”

But one of the most elite advisors in the country told it to me a different way.

#1 – He doesn’t create the role, then find the person – he finds the person, then creates the role. The given is you want motivated, cheerful people filling your office. You need a cultural fit first! New hires with the right attitude are happy to tackle most any task (tests like Kolbe, Meyers Briggs or Strength Finder 2.0 can help) you give them. But poor cultural fits will always be just that, regardless of task.

#2 – If you want enthusiastic employees, you have to be enthusiastic. If you want eternal optimism and a “we-can-do-this” outlook from them, it’s mandatory you lead that way also! Do you want staff to be happier personally and still driven to double revenue this year? Then (you know the answer) you must find a way to be happier personally and driven to double revenue this year. Your staff and your entire office culture will take on a mirror image of you. How scary is that?!?

Find the person, create the role. Expect the mirror image of you.

Lastly, stop the excuses and know in your heart there are thousands of people out there right now who will make your future happier and more profitable. Time to work.


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