Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Nobody likes change. Even change for the better.
For some reason (I’m sure psychologists or neurologists could explain this) human beings are predisposed to avoid change.

Recently I’ve been forced to make a change in my morning routine. For the past 4 years, weekday mornings have been like clockwork:

  • Wake at 5, light breakfast and reading by 5:15
  • Gym by 6
  • Office by 7:15
  • Ready to rock before 8 (w/ more breakfast)!

But the sudden change is forcing me to drive different places, train with new people and arrive at different times. All logic tells me that I’ll improve moving forward. But then why am I fighting the change?
It has to be emotion, right?

I’m probably fighting it because when something becomes part of our identity…when we distinguish ourselves and others distinguish us in a certain way…we like to keep that story consistent. Any disruptions throw off equilibrium.

Think about this for your business. What changes are you asking potential clients to make?

  • Break long term (sometimes decade plus) relationships
  • Trust someone they just met
  • Purchase products they’re marginally educated about
  • Justify an evolved story to themselves and others
  • And most importantly – identify themselves differently

You can do it. The best do it every day, every week. But please remember that while change is constant, that doesn’t make it easy. And respect that from the other person’s seat.


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