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One, Two, Three, Four.

Putting my five year old to bed last night he wanted to brush his own teeth. “No problem Noah” I said, and sat there marveling at how big my little man is getting.

Then he did something to make me pause.

After brushing his teeth, and rinsing his toothbrush under the faucet, Noah tapped his brush against the side of the sink – one, two, three, four times. Just like dad. Just like I’d done for years, every time I brushed his teeth for him.
And Noah doesn’t even know it. He has no idea these 4-clicks are now hardwired into his head or where it came from.

So what else is in there? What else is automatic in my 5 year-old’s head that will exist for the rest of his life simply because of the pattern I taught him?

  • What else is in there for you?
  • What did you learn growing up that still affects your every day thinking?
  • Heck, forget what did you learn growing up; what did you learn last year or last month that’s become automatic in your routine?
  • Are you stuck somewhere professionally or personally? A glass ceiling?

Take a minute to pause for yourself, think about my 5 year old’s toothbrush clicks and examine what’s become routine in your life. What’s automatic that could (or should) change. And if you changed it, what would happen?


3 thoughts on “Toothbrush Clicks

  1. Sam says:

    That is very thought provoking. And in addition, what thoughts or patterns have we instilled into our clients minds / routines that may or may not be in their best interests. Has my personal beliefs and biases intruded into their lives in a manner that needs to be addressed or changed?


    1. matthewneuman says:

      Well said Sam’ especially the part about personal biases bleeding over to clients (family, friends, etc.)


  2. Jim B says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Happy 4th to all of you.


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