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Ouch… This One Hurts!

Today I “lost”.
One of the top prospective clients in the nation chose a competitor over me & my firm. And this one hurts. Why?

• Because we poured years of dripping value into making a visit happen
• Because we poured months of preparation into the visit
• Because I opened my professional and personal life up to them
• Because long-term we’d both be wildly successful together

But after time spent mad; then contemplating the reasons we “lost”, I realized something.
On this one, we didn’t slouch. My team and my firm didn’t leave stones unturned and we displayed what makes us the most dominant firm in our space nationwide. It was very clear who benefits with us and why.

And if that display isn’t the right fit for someone, I’m okay with that. Moving forward, instead of trying to bend and mold myself to what the people who say “no” want, I’d rather strengthen the value to those who say “yes” desire!

Figure out what you do better than anyone else, display it with confidence and the right partners will come along for the ride. So while “OUCH… this one hurts!” today, it solidifies what’s at our core tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Ouch… This One Hurts.

  1. Cory D says:

    Matt, I understand and have felt your pain more than once. Sometimes we can learn from our losses to make us better when we have the next opportunity, but when you’ve given everything and they still say “no” take solace in you did all you can do. One of the best self-speak mantras you can adopt is, “Some will, Some won’t, So What. Next!”
    If you have to work that hard to get someone’s business, sometimes it is a disaster anyway. Better to find others who align with your core values and mission than pushing a wet noodle who will never get it fully. Plus, if he’s gone, those of us who value you get more of you. I like that 🙂 Chin up friend.


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