Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

I really should do that.
But what will clients think? My staff? My family? Wow, some work needs to happen there.

It’ll make us much more efficient.
But what are the costs? Is the fee higher? What happens to my margin?

No doubt my life will be better because of this.
But how long will it take? What complications haven’t I thought about?

I’ll be happier.
But something will go wrong, won’t it? What is everyone else doing?

  • It’s been 3 months now.
  • It’s been 6 months now.
  • Didn’t we have this same conversation a year ago?

Stop it. Just make a decision already!
Everyday you’re either improving or you’re not…“maintaining” is an illusion.

Some decisions won’t work, most will. And you’ll get exponentially better (be happier, more fulfilled, feel alive) down the road.

What’s NEW next time we talk?


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