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A couple weeks ago I posted something titled: Ouch… This One Hurts!
And it received incredible feedback.

I described how I “lost” one of the top prospective clients in the nation who chose a competitor over me & Advisors Excel. But in the process I realized my team and Advisors Excel displayed what makes us the most dominant firm in our space nationwide. And if we aren’t the right fit for someone (high achievers or not), I’m okay with that. That post closed by stating:

“Moving forward, instead of trying to bend and mold myself to what the people who say “no” want, I’d rather strengthen the value to those who say “yes” desire!…”

Thank you to everyone who commented back on that post. I received dozens of emails with people talking about clients they’d “lost” and long-term lessons they’d taken from the experience. Your support and empathy are recognized and valued. Thank you again.

For today’s PART 2 — we have vindication!
It’s a proud, happy finish to the story, as another advisor has seen our strengthened value proposition and decided to partner with me and Advisors Excel!

If you want to see [new advisor] Jeff’s thoughts on joining us
(and why we want MORE people like him in our circle) read this email.

So while “OUCH… That One Hurt!” yesterday, our core solidified and continues to attract the right community to move forward with. May the same thing happen for you.


One thought on “Ouch… This One Hurts (PART 2)

  1. Bill S says:

    Great to see this Matt! I echo Jeff’s thoughts. You guys all put your hearts into us and the past six months have confirmed that the “no-brainer” but still scary decision I made to partner up with you and AE was the best thing I did.
    Thank you! Bill S


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