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What are you making – money or a difference?

Because lately I’ve seen a couple people doing this for the money.

Don’t get me wrong, I like money. Money is a good thing. With money comes more freedom, comfort and choices.
Most everyone has a healthy desire to earn money. But when that desire to increase your bottom line becomes your driving force, things can (scratch that…WILL) turn bad in a hurry.

Looking across the most successful people I network with, they’re different. They’ve always been different.
Their number one priority, one of the motivating passions that inspires their action, is making a difference. Some say it’s “making a dent in this world” or terms like leverage and impact are tossed around.
But whatever it’s called, it’s focused externally on others. When you provide clients, partners, associates, staff or anyone else maximum value (making a DIFFERENCE in their world) the money will follow.

Money follows difference makers.
Difference makers don’t follow money.

So let me ask again. What are you making – money or a difference?


One thought on “Money or a Difference?

  1. Lisa C says:

    We are trying to make a difference. See the FaceBook page of the charity we started approximately 5 years ago.
    Love your thoughts Matt.

    Scott and Lisa Carter
    Financial Security Alliance


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