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Did You Forget?

  • Did you forget what matters most?
  • Did you forget what role safety plays in the lives of your clients?
  • Is it time to re-evaluate?
  • Did you forget what “risk tolerance” deeply means (it’s more than a 1st appointment fact finder question)?
  • Did you forget the fundamentals?
  • In times of massive uncertainty, how rock solid are you? And your strategies?
  • Did you forget that sick-to-your-stomach gut feeling when money “evaporates” from a portfolio?
  • Did they forget?
  • Did you forget the enormous gravity that comes with your recommendation?

Everything has a time & place inside a plan. But devoid of a plan, context fails to exist…irrational behavior takes over.

Now is the time for you (& clients) to remember.


Please note that in order to provide a recommendation to a client about the transfer of funds from an investment product, including those within IRAs, 401(k)s, Roth IRAs or other retirement plans, to a fixed or variable annuity, you must hold the proper securities registration and be currently affiliated with a broker-dealer or a Registered Investment Advisor.  Discussion of securities and securities transactions by those lacking the appropriate registration places their insurance license at risk. If you are unsure whether or not the recommendations you are providing to a client represent general guidance or a specific recommendation to liquidate a security, please contact the individual state securities department in the states in which you conduct business.

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