Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

When you’re a kid, what makes “breaking the rules” so fun?!?

Check out the video my wife just sent me; the boys are smiling ear-to-ear about “breaking the rules” and having donuts for breakfast – something we never do!

It got me thinking; where could “breaking the rules” bring that much joy to me (as an adult)? What’s become standard operating procedure that shouldn’t be? How much fun would it be to:

  • Complete “Rejection Therapy” for 100 Days.
  • Quit email altogether.
  • Anytime a presentation bores me, simply leave…immediately.
  • Pursue personal development in a completely foreign subject, where I’m a 100% beginner.
  • Or even [GASP] eat donuts once in awhile!

I’m sure there are hundreds of other ways to break societal norms and create more laughter and joy in my life. Because whatever those boys are feeling, I want it.

How about you?


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