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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

A lot of people still think like this:

  1. What’s the goal?
  2. What tool accomplishes it?

While that problem-solving mindset is admirable, they’re skipping a step. And that step (#2 in the middle) can mean a dramatic difference in results, but often is overlooked. What’s step two then? A plan…That’s it…A plan.

While that insight may sound overly simple, it’s a make or break for some of the most successful financial advisors in the county.

A couple examples…

  • I want more clients to choose me during the meeting process (step 1).
  • What’s a better product, offer or solution to present them (step 3)?
  • Can we see how everything ties together in a cohesive plan (step 2)?
  • I need my marketing activities to produce better results (step 1).
  • What strategies should change to make that happen (step 3)?
  • Can we see metrics from the marketing plan, to make an educated decision moving forward (step 2)?
  • I want a better work-life balance (step 1)?
  • What days, dates or times should I quit working (step 3)?
  • What’s the end goal I’m striving to accomplish? What activities need focused on to get there (step 2)?

Now you get it. Tools and activities are great. Taking action is great. But devoid a thoughtful plan, you’re spinning your wheels.

Then the final step is repeat. Develop a habit of looking at your goals, plans and activities regularly. (Many people do this annually, as in right NOW, to plan for the coming year. But there’s also a movement happening to break down goals and impact into 12 week cycles. If you want to see more, check this out).

Regardless of how often you’re evaluating goals, plans and activities – it’s not an optional activity, it’s mandatory. To achieve any sort of sustainable long term, high-level success, this pattern is a requirement. The sanity of your future business and fulfillment of your future self will thank you later.


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