Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

“Now that my first tooth is out, I feel a lot stronger dad. Like I can do more push-ups. And I even pulled the drain plug in my bath with only one hand tonight!”

That’s what my son Noah told me a couple nights ago; less than twenty four hours after losing his first tooth. It’s funny. Losing just one baby tooth has Noah looking at himself like the bigger, stronger kids in his Kindergarten class.

His state of mind, perspective and self-image has shifted.

I saw it professionally this week too. One of my newer producers I consult (from New Jersey) is finishing his first full year under our consultation. Over that time his self-image has changed dramatically. And while I haven’t pinpointed his “First Tooth Moment” yet, I can lock down the source of his success. Over the last 10 months, Bill’s transitioned from someone who apologized too often and looked at the floor too much into a confident, proud, assertive professional who just tripled his best year ever. And on pace to double his practice again next year!

State of mind and self-confidence are king.

So where are you headed into the new year?
What story’s running through your mind? 

Stuart Smalley motivation aside, you KNOW you have everything it takes to crush your goals, right? Create your own “First Tooth Moment”, new connection, belonging or breakthrough if you must. Or simply start telling yourself a more assertive story. But whatever it takes, get it done.

It’s go time for 2016; no excuses.


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