Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

My boys love French toast. Bread, butter, powdered sugar, the works if we let ’em. Saturday mornings kick start the best when Noah & Evan get tried-and-true French toast to fuel the weekend!

And when mom, dad or a restaurant prepares their French toast, we don’t need anything fancy. The original recipe has worked for years and (unless something drastic changes) will stay that way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a small slice (thin slice if you will) of that bread loaf and try something new. Something creative, right? Maybe stuff a piece or two with cream cheese? Bake it in the oven? Cut it into shapes? Or integrate fruit somehow? Google “French toast ideas” and see what comes up?!?

Just like your marketing.

You know what’s tried and true. You know what works and needs repeated over and over with 90% of your bread loaf. But don’t let it get old or boring. To stay ahead of the marketplace and fuel your innovation, I’ll challenge you to thinly slice. Take 10% of your marketing budget and try a different mailer, different mail list, different event venue, different medium to use. It’s fun, it’s profitable, it’s trend-setting and it keeps you feeling alive.

Want a couple pieces of our famous French toast? Sure.

But also try a couple bites of the newest twist we thought up last week!


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