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One of my top clients, and now closest friends, is crossing over our 10 year anniversary working together. She’s an inspiration to me in a lot of ways – professional and personal.
First and foremost, thank you Sandy. Thank you for choosing me, for choosing us, and for leaning into our relationship this last decade.

Rewind back to 2009; when we asked Sandy to speak from stage. She was a superstar with us and open to paying back into the model, so it made sense.

While I’m not sure if she remembers what the talk was about, I certainly do. The first concept Sandy spoke about was “relaxed intensity”. It’s a concept I loved that day and strive to embody myself (maybe a future blog post there).

But the second topic was on money; and what it does to you.
Sandy’s always been successful, before I knew her and ever since. She’s thrived at a very high level; and has achieved so much because of her contribution to others and the impact she’s made across the United States. For that, Sandy’s been rewarded monetarily and in life’s experiences. And on that topic, from stage back in 2009, she told us how she viewed money. To Sandy, money:

1. Gives you comfort
2. Gives you choices
3. And beyond that – Money makes you more of who you are

  • If you’re greedy, money will make you more so.
  • If you’re unethical, money will bend those rules further.
  • If you’re grateful; that spirit of love and gratitude will shine brighter.
  • If you’re giving, your reach will grow wider and deeper.
  • If you’re self-centered, your focus will heighten inward.
  • If your values are centered on family or faith; possessions or recognition, they will strengthen regardless.

Money makes you more of who you are.
And today I’m grateful for Sandy’s friendship and wisdom.


3 thoughts on “Money Makes You…

  1. Kenneth S says:

    I remember that talk Matt. Good to bring that back.  Kenneth 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone


  2. Cathy M says:

    Very nice tribute to Sandy. Great insight!



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