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If the #1 worst thing to hear in sales is “Let me think about it”, #2 is undoubtedly “Send me some info.” And the only reason it’s #2 instead of #1 is because you’re hearing no earlier in the relationship.

Here’s my suggestion…
NEVER accept those statements. NEVER move forward with sending that info (or letting them think about it) as if it’s normal. The “some will, some won’t, so what, next” attitude needs left in the 90’s.

We all know those two phrases are simply canned, quasi-polite ways of someone shutting you down. I guess you could accept it. Then what? Feel discouraged and not engage again? Turn it into an uncomfortable sales pressure filled back and forth? And the whole time have angst in your mind?

Instead of accepting “Send me some info”, can we simply breathe, pause and ask a more sincere question to the human being we’re visiting with? This isn’t perfect, you need to make things natural for you, but what about this response?

“I can send anything you’ll genuinely read that’ll help. That’s not a problem. But usually when someone says ‘send me some information’ they’re politely saying ‘I’m not interested’. I don’t know if that’s what you’re telling me or not. So instead of sending information you probably won’t read, then trying to reconnect again; on a person to person level, can you tell me what you’re really thinking right now?”

Sales should be less about “sales”. Embrace genuine conversation and treating people the way you’d like to be treated. Then never worry on people thinking about it or sending some information again.


3 thoughts on “Send Me Some Info

  1. Bill S says:

    Right on point as always!


  2. Jeffery PL says:

    LOVE this approach. I’ve heard this before but haven’t committed it to memory or to using it in my practice. I’ll work on it.

    Thanks Matt


  3. Gaye G says:

    Same here. I will work on incoporating this. Thanks


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