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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

This morning a UPS envelope showed up on my desk.

Tearing it open, inside I found two things: a note card, and a Topeka Owls shirt. What in the world?!? The handwritten note was from Ann, one of my best clients and now closest friends. Ann wrote:

While in Haitt Ashbury w/ my daughter recently we came across the coolest t-shirt shop. Everything from Bob Marley to Metallica to the Topeka Owls?!? Who knew? Anyway, I thought of you and thought you’d be a conversation starter at the gym with this on.”

How cool is that?!?

First, this is someone thinking of me while she’s with her family in San Francisco. Second, she knows I played a lot of baseball growing up. And third, she knows I’d wear something like this to the gym in the morning.

Now my question: Are you doing this?

Are you doing this for your employees? Are you doing this for your clients? Your prospects? Are you doing things like this for your other business partners, so they view you differently?

Here inside my office we’ve formalized this informal, heartfelt process and called it PPI (Personalized, Positive Impact). And believe it or not, all 375 employees at our firm have a $50 monthly budget to make that happen. We’re on the lookout for places to make an impact: every call, every email, every touch point of our relationship.

It’s your turn now to make this happen. Do it personally and with staff inside your office. It’s too fun not to.

(And thank you again Ann).


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