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Last week I wrote about Trivial vs Critical.

Hopefully you gave that some attention and started to explore what gives you passion and results. The exercise alone is worth it, but being purposeful afterwards is where multiplier results happen. Like I ended the post saying,

“Trivial many or critical few? You either make the choice or others will do it for you.”

Today is the next step. Once you’ve acknowledged the “trivial many” tasks that consume your life, what next? Let me offer a simple, 3-step chopping block solution:

  1. Quit – Stop some things altogether. It doesn’t matter if those tasks have been part of your life for 1 month or 10+ years if they’re not productive. For example, what happens if you got off Facebook? What about if you only allowed meetings on Fridays? What if you refused to do office chores anymore? Or if you only checked email from 4-5 each day?
  1. Automate – For the “trivial” tasks you decide to continue (at least for now), let’s automate it. Manually typing notes in your database, letters or emails to staff? Start using a dictation service. Handwriting cards all the time? Look to a personal handwriting font. What office items, client facing pieces or staff requests do you regularly reorder? Get those on a subscription basis and forget about the manual labor. Personally, if you’re making miscellaneous trips to the store each week, become best friends with Amazon Prime. And are you regularly paying bills every day, week or month? For 21st century sake, get those drafted on automatic payment!
  1. Delegate – Now that your trivial tasks are cut in half (#1 above) and automated to save time (#2 above), who can take the rest away from you? If you’re spending hours on client facing content, find a copywriter. If you’re researching product solutions, look to specialists instead. Then personally or professionally, give serious thought to hiring more help. An office manager, marketing coordinator, new business mover or personal assistant. What would those “cost” you a year? $40k? $70k? $100k? How much in additional business would you need to write to break-even financially? And how much better would life be? A home cleaner, lawn maintenance, handyman or chef. Again, what is the break-even point in additional business to make these work? And how much better would life become?

Quit, automate, delegate.

Life is good – for those who make it that way.


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