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Just this week my mother filed for Social Security. Tough for me to process that…

Because I still remember mom from years ago. She was working hard in various jobs; up early in the morning for decades and doing work that other people wouldn’t find glamorous. But those “off jobs”, things like throwing morning newspapers or running a high school kitchen, always filled me with pride. Mom knows who she is. And from as early as I can remember, mom’s number one priority was me and her other two kids. If that meant putting her own initiatives on the back-burner, that was fine. Mom’s faith came first, family came next and her own agenda filled in the cracks.

Fast forward to mom turning 62 soon and ready to retire.

As you enter this next chapter of life mom, enjoy it. You deserve it.

I could provide a lot more color to this story, and would love to the next time we’re together. But my point is: now… as my own mother files for Social Security & retires … it becomes real. And no matter how many times I’ve helped you and my other friends and clients with retirement income strategies, nothing leaves a mark like a close-to-home experience.

So my challenge to you is this: tell more personal stories.

Think about times when it “became real” for you. Your family, your emotions, your bruises and scars, your life experiences. Then share those stories as often (more often than you are now) and “become real” to everyone listening to you. They all want to know who you are; so let them hear it.


One thought on “Now It’s Real

  1. Steve W says:

    I can relate. My Dad just became a result of a workforce reduction. He just filed for social security along with my Mom. Tomorrow, I am actually going to complete his Medicare Supplement application. It is hard to believe as I imagined my Dad to keep working. He may still do that in some capacity, but he has officially entered a new season in his life. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations to your Mom on her retirement.


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