Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Lights on, coffee started, computer up.
Email open, staff arrives, meetings begin.
More email responses, fire to put out, already lunchtime, huh?
Text from home, do you have a minute, what broke again?
Yes – my appointment arrived, that took longer than I thought, voicemails
piled up.

Where’d everyone go?
Is it 6 already?
What did I get done today?

Don’t fall prey to the curse of busyness. Busy is good. Busy is just. But
busy can also be  a 20th century-rooted “hard days work”. Because you, and only you, have control over your days. And I’ve met far too many professionals who are think busyness is the only way. It’s not.

In your heart of hearts I think you know that.


One thought on “Curse of Busyness

  1. Zackery Fall says:


    I just wanted to quickly drop a line to say how much I appreciate you, your team, and everyone at Advisors Excel! I was recently down there in KS and was truly moved and inspired. As to the busyness of life, I fully understand and relate to your post. With help from people like you and the staff at Advisors Excel I feel that the impactfulness of planning and un-busyness’ing yourself and your practice is made significantly clearer and that makes it easier for us to implement plans to tackle that busyness bully to the ground and take better control of our days. Thanks Brother!


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