Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

“When you get to the first stoplight, turn left. That’s west I think. Yea,
that’s west. From there you’ll want to go 4 blocks and hang a right on Oak Street. Take Oak a couple miles, probably 3 miles really once I think about it. You’ll see a dry cleaner on your left and then you know you’re almost there. Turn right just after that and look for the third office up the street. You’re there!”

As soon as you said, “when you get to the first stoplight…” you lost me.

I’m going to plug the address into my phone GPS and do what it tells me.
The last five minutes of your directions were appreciated for nicety and
politeness – but honestly wasted time both of us will never get back. And
now I also know you’re still wired into the 1990s. At least you didn’t
hand me a highlighted paper map!

We live in an economy flush with information. Power belongs to those who
know where to find it, can curate it and use it as needed. Time to


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