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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

  • “A mutual fund here, a stock there. It’s all diversified though; and we’d never pay more than 1% in fees.”

  • “I do some of our own stuff with Morningstar too.”

  • “Remember, we bought some bonds from a guy up the road a few years ago.”

  • “And most of our bank accounts have been with ___ for years, but we do have these other couple banks for CDs.”

  • “Is our term life insurance still good? How long is that for?”

  • “Someone told me I can get my 401(k) money now?”

  • “I think we’re good on long term care insurance. Our parents never really needed it.”

  • “We love our CPA. They know all the best ways to save us in taxes.”

  • “Yep. We have a will. Not sure about getting a trust though, seems like that’s too much for us.”


Sound familiar? Should I go on?

Your job is to take these statements and questions from your clients, and the dozens of others you hear over and over, and make sense of them.

Do you think the people you meet want six different, uncoordinated, professionals and ten different agendas in their financial life?

No. They want you. They want someone to take all the pieces and make sense of it. They want a puzzle master.

If you have a puzzle-solving process, that can be used every time for every client, you win. Each puzzle will look different, and needs to be customized. But you have a process that works and is always improving.

If you don’t, you’ll be lost until you do. I’d start there.


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