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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

It’s time you start celebrating things. Big things, small things, short things, tall things (too much Dr. Seuss at home?!?). Time to start celebrating milestones, improvements, and successes of all kinds, more often. Celebrate it all.

In the office:

  • Celebrate best months of all time – every time, every month.
  • Celebrate staff hiring anniversaries (would it be crude to celebrate firing anniversaries?).
  • Celebrate successful workshops and client events.
  • Celebrate the “wrong” clients who didn’t partner with your firm.

At home:

  • Celebrate books you finish reading.
  • Celebrate during the trips you get to take.
  • Celebrate giving back, charity and all the impact you make.
  • Celebrate family dinners together.

For yourself:

  • Celebrate half birthdays.
    (Like my son Noah, turning 6 ½ with his “py Day ah!” €cake. Or the late, no question, most accomplished coach of all time John Wooden – who according to my friend Don Yaeger, celebrated half birthdays late into his 90s!)
  • Celebrate Personal Records (PRs) of any kind – weight, strength, charity or clarity.
  • Celebrate 15 minutes of silence.
  • Celebrate whatever makes you smile.


Why celebrate so much?

One, because it’s fun and what’s the alternative? Two, because everyone around you will be happier and deserves it. Third, because you work too hard to not enjoy it.

Now go celebrate something. Anything.


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