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Back in February I wrote something called “Money Makes You…” which is now one of my most viewed posts yet. The positive feedback was overwhelming.

In short, I was reminiscing about the last 10 years with my close friend Sandy; especially some lifelong lessons I’ve learned from her, including that:


“To Sandy, money:

  1. Gives you comfort
  2. Gives you choices
  3. And beyond that – money makes you more of who you are
  • If you’re greedy, money will make you more so.
  • If you’re unethical, money will bend those rules further.
  • If you’re grateful, that spirit of love and gratitude will shine brighter.
  • If you’re giving, your reach will grow wider and deeper.
  • If you’re self-centered, your focus will heighten inward.
  • If your values are centered on family or faith; possessions or recognition, they will strengthen regardless.

Money makes you more of who you are.”


But notice in that post, I didn’t talk about what you spend your money on. That’s for today. And that’s simple. If you agree with me (and Sandy) that money makes you more of who you are; then let’s make sure we’re consumed with worthwhile pursuits.

Moving forward, let’s spend our way to more time with people we love.
Moving forward, let’s spend our way to be in the middle of more life experiences.
Moving forward, let’s spend our way to more freedom.
Moving forward, let’s quit spending our money on useless plastic crap.

Money gives you more comfort and choices then it makes you more of who you are. Be decisive on that last part.


2 thoughts on “Useless Plastic Crap

  1. Kenneth S says:

    Matt, Thanks for sharing. I think I’m going to somehow frame these and put up in my conference room or lobby so that potential clients understand that we are life financial planners for a select group of families not a transactional salesperson.


    1. matthewneuman says:

      I love it Ken; a grouping of all these on the wall would provide some great talking points.


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