Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

“3 years from now, will it even matter?”

Whatever you’re worrying about, thinking on, those items that keep running through your head, 100 miles per hour today. 3 years from now, will they matter?

Because 3 years ago, you were making a lot of decisions that are inconsequential today.
Some of those presentations, meetings, “fires,” tasks and problems mean nothing. But they meant the world to you then.

If you decide “Yes. This will matter.” Then take a deep breath and focus. Control what you can control, make a confident decision and build on it.

If you decide “No. This isn’t important.” Then let it go. Either let that work move to another person in your circle or set it loose entirely.

“3 years from now, will this even matter?” It puts a lot into perspective.


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