Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

You know when something’s on your calendar, and looking at it, your shoulders sink? You frown, roll your eyes or shake your head? That activity sucks the spirit out of your day.

“Why do I schedule things like that?” is your internal dialogue.

Then … the appointment cancels. Or no shows.

And instead of feeling like you lost something; you feel relief. Call it cancellation bliss. Shoulders raise, frowns reverse, eyes stop rolling, heads stop shaking and life is breathed back into your day. Exhale.

That leaves you with the next hour freed up. What should you do with it? A million things pull at your time, but let me offer the best solution – best now, and best long term.

Whatever that cancelled activity was, the thing that just gave you relief and bliss, get rid of it forever. Do whatever’s necessary to get that off your calendar. Delegate, consolidate, modify or delete. But never again see that item on your calendar and feel what you did before the cancellation.

You created this business for a reason. Own your calendar and decisions.



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