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Let me share one of the most rewarding emails I’ve received in my career.

It comes from Jim in Houston. Jim’s a long-time, loyal client of mine (since 2008) and an even better friend. I admire and respect Jim on every level; as he’s brought a lot to my life.
Here’s what Jim had to say:

From: Jim
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2016 3:25 PM
To: Matt Neuman
Subject: Re: Video postponement

… Everything came together creating the perfect time.

I’m 51, having done this 20 yrs, invested well along the way, created a nice biz to sell and I don’t really need to work any longer. I’m a fiduciary advisor with a clean 20 yr history of helping clients and decided that in lieu of the day to day of running a financial services business is no longer fun. And last year was my 12th consecutive year of increasing revenue. Last year was almost $1M in revenue. So, for me to walk away now, should tell you that I don’t enjoy this anymore.

I did a T-square on selling and going to CO or keeping on here in Houston. Overwhelmingly, it was to sell and get to CO as soon as I can. Most likely, I’ll go away, write a book, then resurface in the life market in a state with four seasons… Jim


Hopefully Jim’s email triggers reflection in your mind. How well are you investing along the way? Are you creating something to sell? Is your record staying clean? And most importantly, are you creating a practice that is fun & enjoyable?

I take no credit for Jim’s success and ultimate (at least for now) retirement at 51. He’s the catalyst, decision maker and hero of this story.

But I’d be lying to say it wasn’t fulfilling to know Jim & I have walked side-by-side for 8 of those last 12 increasing revenue years. We were working together in 2010, when Jim decided to quit selling commissioned securities, and build a practice he could later sell. Jim also found the partner to sell his practice to through our connections. Those small roles I played are why I do what I do. That’s why Jim’s story is so rewarding and fulfilling on my level.

Enjoy your walk into the Colorado sunset Jim (& Lorri). Remember us on whatever path you take in this next season. And one more time, for choosing me and AE – thank you.



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