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It’s the closest I’ve been to going viral

Wednesday, December 7th was here and just a few days before, work colleagues grabbed me and said they wanted me in a video.

“It will only take a couple hours.”

“We only want it for something to show our employees.”

And my favorite:

“It won’t be that bad.”

But I know the drill: show up, do what the director says, know you’re going to look ridiculous and own that uncomfortableness. Whether it comes natural or not, own it.

Because I go through this every couple years. The “ask” might be different, but the real request is the same – take one for the team. I’m being asked to produce something co-workers will laugh at and talk to each other about. At least it’s only every couple years though; because I’ve found these things have a “shelf life” too. Years ago I made a “What Women Want” mock video and it hung on for a little while. After that came the initial “24 Se7en” boy band video that stayed with us a little longer (think reunion requests, new hire trainings, etc.)

But now, on Wednesday, December 7th, they upped the ante. I stepped into a plane hangar to be greeted by a wardrobe and music beyond anything I wanted to comprehend. Then it started…


(enjoy that full version, including 2 minutes of outtakes…)

Fast forward a week later and not only had the “Dad Jeans” video been produced, and not only had it been seen by a thousand people internally, but it launched online. Within the first 48 hours, it got picked up and shared by hip hop artists like KJ-52, personal development leaders like Darren Hardy, blast company email lists and texts message strings around the industry.

kj52_snapIn just those first 48 hours, over 30,000 views had amassed and I was getting multiple “Saw your dad jeans…Didn’t know you could dance like that…” texts every day. For the next couple weeks at events like kid’s birthday parties, basketball games, at the gym, shopping for clothes and having lunches around town, people everywhere we’re saying they saw my video!

So what’s the simple lesson? Don’t take yourself too serious. Get out of your own head and make an idiot out of yourself every once in awhile.

Because now after the video, the comment(s) I still get and the smiles I keep seeing go on and on. People laugh just at the phrase “Dad Jeans” and it gives us a connection point we didn’t have before. For some reason, when I put myself out there a little more, it makes authentic conversation more approachable.

Use the way “I rock my dad jeans and my ugly sweater…” for laughs in your world. Quit taking yourself too serious, smile more often and the next time we connect, share those stories with me!


One thought on “Dad Jeans Video

  1. Jim J says:

    kool vid


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