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A few weeks back I said to “Quit Kidding Yourself” and declared:

If it’s not on your calendar, it’s not real.”

We hit on topics like marketing calendars, prospect funnels, deliberate campaigns, budgeting and tracking. All great to consider. All crucial to your long term professional success.

But today’s thoughts are about keeping that mindset outside the office. Because as a successful entrepreneur, if you’re not careful, you’ll quickly be overtaken and over-scheduled into work, neglecting time for life outside the office – especially relationships and family. It’s unfortunate. It’s sad. And it can become ugly in a hurry. Don’t let that be you.

Your calendar determines your priorities. Show me your calendar and I’ll show you where your focus is – professionally, personally, internal, external, now and later. Because the central principle remains: What gets scheduled gets done.

Opening up my calendar, you’d see a lot of work elements: meetings, calls, trainings and initiatives. But layered into that, you’d also find a number of other items centered around my work team and family at home. And if anything I do in those areas can be a catalyst for you, let’s share it! That’s central to why I write here.

So a few things to consider:

  • Quarterly Off-Site Team Meetings – Full day in December (Q4) and half days other quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3). These include fun dinners or activities after the work is done and always invites spouses/guests.
  • Quarterly Lunch Bunch Outings – Hosting a group of co-workers/employees for lunch who aren’t in my division; building relationships, solidarity and understanding.
  • “Spontaneous” Double Dates or Events – Personal time my wife and I share with each member of our team; showing appreciation and talking about anything other than work.
  • Off-Site Charity Events – 2 to 4 times a year off site with our professional team, working in the community towards a shared cause.
  • Saturday Morning “Guy Time” – Since 2012, I’ve dedicated every Saturday morning to providing Alice/mom a break and connecting with my sons. Breakfast at one of our favorite spots and then off to something fun together!
  • Sundays Blocked (2017 new addition) – No electronics allowed, faith, family cooking, outdoor time (sports or otherwise), reading, meditation and journaling.
  • Monthly Date Night – Dedicated time for Alice & I to stay connected.
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Boys Dates – With 3 powerhouse boys at home, they all need & crave “alone time” with mom or dad.
  • Monthly Family Movie Night – Family friendly movies, themed dinner and dessert. What’s not to love?
  • Monthly Family Game Night – Good ole’ fashioned board games with dinner, family-board-mtgcrafting time to laugh and have fun together.
  • Quarterly Off Site Retreat (2017 new addition) – Four times a year I’ll pick the boys up from school. We head somewhere new for the night (hotel or AirBNB booking) & they plan what we do, eat and experience. The kids even take time to draw up (at this stage that liter
    ally means draw) the agenda. As we grow older, it’ll be a place to have undivided, non-interrupted open conversations, as this evolves into a laid-back “Family Board Meeting”.

What gets scheduled gets done – in every aspect of life.

If you have feedback on ways to improve anything above, or if you’re willing to share other initiatives you’ve undertaken, I’d love to hear them!

Live intentional and move forward… loving your calendar.


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