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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

Let me say it again…

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

I heard that from a former Special Operations officer talking about his training. He was taught to slow things down at the beginning. Learn efficiency, logical steps and making your process flow smooth. Once you’ve drilled something into being smooth, then you can speed it up.

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

The same can be said for facets of your business.

  • Think about your marketing plan layout each year. Step by step have you looked for efficient, logical steps and how initiatives should flow smoothly? Then multiplied your efforts?
    Or do you speed things up (spend more money) too soon, for the sake of going faster?
  • What about your sales process? Efficient, logical flow from meeting to meeting, including what should strategically happen each interaction and communication points along the way. It should be something you’re proud of, when viewed from your prospect’s point of view.
    Or do you go too fast (unclear process, undefined expectations, a process that’s too haphazard) for the sake of going faster?
  • Should we even talk about staffing and your incredible support team? I can’t count how many times I’ve visited with a producer’s staff and thought, “How on earth does this producer keep competent, engaged help in their office?” It’s scary. In building a team, building a real business, how much of that is efficient, logical and slowed down?
    How much of that has been sped up prematurely?

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

If it works for the most organized, disciplined, trained, and equipped defenders of our freedom; it might work for you.


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