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jonesToday I’d like to share insight given to me by Josh Jones. Josh’s official title is “Director of Consumer Marketing Innovation” at Advisors Excel. But what does that really mean? I’m not sure I even know.

But what I’m sure of, is Josh is genius. He’s a liaison at our firm between internal coaches like me, financial agent clients we serve and the ultimate end consumer (America’s retirees). With his unique vantage point, he’s able to speak into situations that others don’t have the perspective to see. So enjoy Josh’s challenging thoughts, then tell me – Are you an Indian or a Pilgrim?

Indians vs. Pilgrims

Indians (Native Americans) killed buffalo and harvested every single piece of meat for nutrients, every single bone as a tool, every inch of hide as cover. Pilgrims shot buffalo and took the back straps and ribs and moved on to kill the next buffalo.

At some point, you have to decide where you are on that continuum as a financial professional. (When you decide that, we have everything you need to make your next move.)


  • Hop on the seminar treadmill at $7K per pop and put 15 households in a room
  • Only pursue the seven who wanna meet with you
  • Close the two you can close with a hit-n-miss pitch and move to the next seminar


  • Do a seminar as one of three different marketing strategies
  • Put 15 households in a room
  • Close 13 because of your polished skill and the added credibility/visibility of your other marketing activities
  • Have an automated drip follow-up for the two who didn’t set appointments
  • Close 10 of the 13 prospects you bring in because of a tried-n-true, systematic sales process
  • Leverage a true, value-driven follow-up system in place for the other “three who got away”
  • Welcome the 10 you closed into the family with an unrivaled experience
  • Become systematized in every aspect of everything you do in your office
  • Immediately differentiate from all other producers in the universe by thoughtfully adoring clients in non-business ways
  • Proactively groom introductions/referrals by making it easy for clients to identify them and fun for clients to provide them
  • Position yourself to gather all assets over time through an ongoing/systematic meeting process & over-the-top value delivery
  • Strategically keep eyes open for all clientele in positions of influence and maximize those opportunities
  • Leverage every chance for lower cost, higher exposure marketing in front of increasingly higher net worth prospects
  • Continue forging key connections and fanning out media opportunities
  • Lay off the seminar throttle, spend time with your kids, reintroduce yourself to your spouse
  • Stop having to seek with every move you make and instead, become sought after

(JJ: “First to bark about the comparison being politically incorrect is a goober.”)

The use of these concepts is no guarantee of your future success. Your results may vary.

One thought on “Indians vs. Pilgrims

  1. Nancy F says:

    As a descendent of Pimgrims and Revolutionary War patriots I can only say the comparison is inaccurate. When you have family who have starved to death everything is used, (recall they persevered and stayed to build what they had a vision of). Through the generations my heritage has been to thank God for his mercy and “waste notwant
    Not. That having been said, I agree with he the points but the first comparison would probably more accurately apply perhaps to the Spanish gold seekers, not any of us present or past who are in it for keeps, who turn down the opportunities to go back.


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