Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Before you meet a prospect for the first time, what communication do they get? A confirmation call? That’s great.

The best in the business have a genuine, 15 minute conversation days before. Then they UPS an impressive introduction kit – including their personal and professional bios, video spotlight disc, potentially a copy of their book and a handwritten note. After that, a warm confirmation call is made, referencing back to the personal information they shared in your first call.

You tell me – who’s ignorable and who’s not?

At the end of your first or second meeting, after a potential client becomes vulnerable and uncovers their need(s) to you, what happens next? Another confirmation call, huh? That’s great.

The best in the business send female clients home with a flower, male clients home with snacks. Then they record a personal thank you video email, speaking directly to the person about what they can expect from here and how hard their team is going to work. After that, another UPS package hits the mail including a handwritten note, personal story or powerful piece of information for the client to enjoy until you meet again. Finally another warm confirmation call is made, this time referencing personal information they’ve given you in the meetings before.

You tell me – who’s ignorable and who’s not?

When someone becomes a client, and moves a portion or all of their life savings into your care, what happens next? A “policy delivery meeting? Maybe even edible arrangements? That’s great.

The best in the business jump out of their chair with excitement! They call in their staff to welcome this person to their firm and everyone shows how thrilled they are with emails, letters and calls over the coming weeks. They’ve joined the family. In addition to that, a thoughtful welcome kit is mailed to the client, perhaps with a handpicked item from staff members and a story about why they’ve chosen that item to gift to new clients. The story hits home. Thirdly, constant communication is given to the new relationship while their money is in process, helping them be confident about their decision every step of the way. Lastly, when the policies are delivered and the plan is set, a “Client Service Agreement” is outlined, showing clients what they can expect and who to contact from here. In addition to that agreement, a list of future client events is covered with them, highlighting where they’ll receive more in-depth information on topics and when/where they can introduce other people to your firm.

You tell me – who’s ignorable and who’s not?

In all my years of coaching the most elite financial professionals in the country, I’ve never … not once … spoken with someone who’s built out their client processes like above and regretted it. Never once have I spoken with someone who’s said it’s a waste of time, bad use of capital or doesn’t produce a high return on investment, client goodwill and retention rate. But for some reason, most producers don’t think this way. Is it the hard work involved? Lack of focus? Lack of coaching or accountability? I’m not sure.

But my challenge to you is one of pride. You need to take pride in this. Your prospects and clients deserve it, your firm deserves it and everyone is better for it. Become so good at what you do that you’re Un-Ignorable. From there, results will speak for themselves.


Federal law, state law and/or insurance carrier requirements may prohibit or place limitations on marketing activities. All producers and investment advisors should be aware of any gifting limitations imposed by federal regulation, state regulation, insurance carriers, broker-dealers and Registered Investment Advisers, as applicable. Investment advisors are strongly encouraged to obtain pre-approval from the broker-dealer and/or Registered Investment Adviser with which they may be affiliated.


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