Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

A few weeks ago I was driving from Nashville to Kansas, returning home from a week-long family vacation. It was early too; like 7 am and I’ve been driving for 3 hours early. We were making good time, and thinking about the comforts of our home, when everyone began waking up and feeling normal.

Paducah_dinerTime to pull over (in Paducah, Kentucky) to fuel up with breakfast at a local diner.
Inside we dug into omelets, French toast, biscuits, eggs, juice and coffee – then prepped to hit the road again.

But before we left, I noticed another man in the diner eating by himself. It was obvious he was getting ready to work a blue collar job for the day and life looked good for him. Good, but from the look of his shoes, shirt and face, hard. As we
made eye contact, his warm smile lit up. We exchanged good mornings and this gentleman began to compliment my family in a sincere way, even making a couple kind comments directly to my boys. From all I could tell, he had a very warm soul and my wheels were turning about what his life was like and where his mind space resided on a morning like this.

(While leaving, we anonymously paid for his meal. My hope is the gesture would provide a kind man an even better Friday and outlook on the generosity of others. I almost didn’t add that part to this story, but decided to for the simple reason of saying – if you haven’t anonymously paid for someone else’s meal lately, do it. Soon. Karma is a real thing and you can afford it.)

Back in our SUV, we chugged down the interstate as I glanced at the GPS to see how many more hundreds of miles until home. We’d been in the car no more than 10 minutes since the diner

At that moment, I looked into my rear view and noticed a car coming up on me fast. I was moving 8-10 miles per hour over the speed limit, passing a semi truck. But the person now on my bumper wasn’t having any of it. They were in a hurry, they wanted me to know about it, and the getting out of “their lane” vibe was radiating from their eyes into mine.

21362914 - man showing middle finger from car window  evil gestureSo I passed the semi, switched lanes and watched, as this 30-something year old passed by me. Middle finger waving an all.

What was that all about?!? If that was the standard for flipping someone off, she’s going to be driving with one finger in the air all the way home. This had my wheels turning again. Where did her head space reside? On a beautiful Friday morning like this, what was happening in her life (or in her mind) to rationalize acting like that?

One town in Kentucky. Two different people, just 10 minutes apart. But regardless of proximity, the difference in mind space couldn’t be more dramatic.

Your world is where you choose to live it. Both in location… and in your mind.


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