Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Anytime a seasoned professional states “I hate _____” (really anything) I’m instantly leery.

And I could be wrong here…

Speaking into the financial world, I know there are instruments available that are just outright horrible for the client. Ponzi schemes, unregulated industries and that overseas easy-money thing your neighbor told you about come to mind. Those might be “hate-able”.

But with regulated financial vehicles that have tens or hundreds of billions of dollars placed into them – my gut says they serve a logical purpose.

So as a client, or an advising professional, we need to discuss:

  1. What’s the person making the statement’s motivation? Short or long term money? Headlines? Notoriety? Website traffic?
  2. How is the advising professional paid?
  3. How could they be right, and everyone else wrong?

Want more? All you have to do is ask me.


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