Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Pre-kids, I had buddies who loved “Sunday Funday”. Too many drinks (starting early), pools, golf courses, fantasy football and pizza. Life was simpler, and more self-indulgent, then. Post-kids, “Sunday Funday” tends to fade away. Not enough time for all that indulgence. More to think about that just ourselves.

But does it have to? Or can it just evolve?

In our home, that evolution has taken place – which means Sunday celebrations of Faith/blessings, electronics intentionally being put aside, cooking together and whatever brings our core closer. If we’re lucky, maybe even a ball game now and then (Go Royals! #wildcardchase).

So what about your life? Are any “Sunday Fundays” (or other rituals) due for an overhaul?

Old habits die hard. But maybe that death needs to happen to fit your world today (& desired tomorrow). Intentionality is everything.

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