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This week I was having dinner with my sister

Melinda’s in her early 30’s and was telling us how this is the best decade of her life! In her 20’s, she didn’t have the experiences, perspective or the resources (money and other) to really appreciate life. Now that she’s into her 30’s things are different. Melinda can enjoy herself more, she can put life experiences into perspective, and she can decide what belongs in her life and what doesn’t.

Melinda also shared another insight:

Now in her 30’s, she stopped caring what other people think.

And she’s serious. In an incredibly positive way, I’ve seen Melinda become much more self aware over the last couple years and independently own her decisions, trajectory and impact. From a brother’s perspective, from the outside looking in, it’s a beautiful thing.

We laughed at that comment for awhile, but then I mentioned how he comment fit into a narrative I heard years ago and still believe today.

In your 20’s, you care what other people think.

In your 30’s, you stop caring what they think about you.

In your 40’s, you realize they were never thinking about you to begin with.

The punchline?

The sooner we all get to living our own lives, on our own terms, for our personal reasons, accountable to ourselves – the better we’ll be. In the end, that’s what everyone else is doing. They’re not sitting around, thinking about you. Better we realize it now and feel the freedom and empowerment that brings.

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