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You know those items that remind you of the past? Photos, keepsakes, books, notes, all those objects placed in drawers that you just couldn’t throw away? I know I do. I have plenty. And recently it was time to move past one of them.


Over the years I kept adding to my tie collection. A tie from my wedding rehearsal, ties from the first trainings (at the Chicago O’Hare Holiday Inn) Advisors Excel ever conducted, ties from our boys’ baptisms, family pictures, friend’s weddings and unfortunately a few funerals. I had ties that were gifts from my wife, colleagues and friends. And looking inside my tie drawer, I saw ties that brought me back to meeting dozens of my top clients and best friends to this day.

But it was time to move on; and end to this era. I haven’t worn a tie in over 2 years; it’s just not me any more. Ties haven’t felt right for awhile and I can own, and love, that fact at this point in my life.

In addition to that, a group of underprivileged, and deserving local high schoolers were asking for help. Their mentors needed for clothes (and ties) these students could wear when the situation was right – on athletic game days at school, for job interviews, graduations and school dances.

The universe was speaking; 2+2 was coming together…

Opening up my tie drawer, 33 of them stared at me like this:


But not any more. If you came to my home today, the tie drawer would look more like this:

no ties

And all of those ties are being put to better use, with students and young adults who will use them in this phase of their lives!

giveaway ties

It’s the end of a personal era. One I’m proud of. But recognizing that fact still didn’t make giving all those memories (of my last decade plus) away any easier…

One thought on “End of an Era

  1. Jeff D says:

    Wow Matt! How liberating! I have about 100 ties all hanging up in my closet that I still wear everyday! By the time I’m ready to pass them along nobody will be wearing them!! Merry Christmas!! (I won’t give you a NEW TIE for Christmas!!) 🙂


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