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You need challenged in 2018…

We all do. We all need to expand our thinking and push into next year a better person. So in 2018, my challenge is to make it completely selfish – all about you. It’s time to OWN more of your successes and failures. In 2018, it’s your time to quit looking at outside forces for your validation and take things into your own hands.

In 2018, I’m challenging you to think different
about failure and success.

I want you to fail more. And not just fail more, but know that your failure is just that… yours. It’s not your family’s failure, not your spouse’s or kid’s, not your friend’s, not your parent’s, not your colleague’s, peer’s, staff’s or client’s failure. Outside forces be damned. When you step out next year and use informed intuition to make a decision, and fail, internalize that as yours.

That means that when you fail, you were meant to. The idea wasn’t pure. Maybe you didn’t educate yourself enough, your intuition was off or your execution missed the mark. But it was, and still is, within your control. You own the result 100% and any external forces (emotional or logical) you used to carry as excuses in your back pocket; they aren’t viable anymore. You’re bigger than that now.

And the best part?!?

Taking all the losses you experience in 2018 squarely on your shoulders… well, that means the successes are that much sweeter.

Voices in your head said someone won’t agree with your decision, but you pushed ahead and took action anyways. You’re owning it. Once it was launched you felt resistance and would’ve caved in before, this time you didn’t. You might even double-down. Forces continued to say you were going to fail, you weren’t capable of this, or the cause wasn’t worthwhile. But your gut you knew the direction you were headed, and you crushed it!

No more them. It’s about you. Your failures and your successes now. It’s completely selfish. Take that internal for 2018 and see where it leads you.


One thought on “2018 Challenge

  1. Arthur Cecala says:

    Great advise thanks


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