Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

If I put your name and picture on a billboard, right there on the main highway next to your office, what would happen the first time you saw it?

I’m not sure what you’d logically think 30 seconds later, the next day or the 42nd time you drove past it. But I’m sure about one thing. The first time you saw that billboard, with your name on it, you’d smile.

Why is that? What is it about your name in lights that makes you smile? It’s illogical right? You’ve seen your own name thousands of times and it doesn’t take much for someone to display it. But the simple fact that someone cared enough to showcase your name & acknowledge your presence has a simple, euphoric effect that’s universal. We all smile.

So never again let a client or prospect enter your office without prominently displaying their name (and picture if you have it).

I’m talking televisions upon entering, other screens around your office, the billboard sign in your parking lot and any other location you can. Also think about their initials on drink-ware, notebooks, pens or anything else you prepare for them. Continue down this path and make sure the first person they see in the office greets them by name, then adds other details about what they like to drink, or anything personal that shows they’re heard.

It doesn’t matter if you display their name digital or manual. It doesn’t matter how the rest gets done. What matters is that you do it. People will cross the threshold into your office smiling and the tone of connection and caring will be set before you even say hello. Don’t wait, take steps to improve on this today.

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