Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Everyone appreciates the truth. And not the polished up, filtered, edited version of what’s going on – but the rough draft, raw truth. This includes telling people when you’re lost, when you were wrong (the more, the better, it’s how we grow), how you don’t know the answer, when you’re nervous, that you’re looking for advice and letting everyone know of your numerous, regular shortcomings.

It’s the truth. And it’s real.

When you become comfortable with this level of truth, a mess of internal struggles begin to melt away. You never need to pretend to be someone else. You can be your true self in good and bad, success and failure. The right people will appreciate your posture and lean into you as a human being. The wrong people, wanting everything to fit inside their spotless box, won’t. That’s how you want it.

Owning this mindset of ultimate truth frees you from always needing to be politically correct for the sake of political correctness. That’s not to say bigotry, prejudice or inequality should own any space in your mind, they shouldn’t. Rather, that’s to say that you can do you. Your work/life balance can be what you decide, your parenting style can be appropriate for your family and the amount of drive and passion you show (or don’t show) for every other aspect of life is your decision, not someone else’s. It’s your truth.

The truth is undefeated. Internalize yours and feel how life begins to flow.

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