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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Push marketing. It’s been around since you started seeing “sales emails” in your AOL account around 1997. Back then, we read every email, every word. Open rates were through the roof and products flew off the shelves, to be shipped anywhere UPS or Fed Ex could take it.

Fast forward to now, the cusp of 2018. How many daily emails do you get? How many do you read? Then with those, how many do you engage with? Walk that into social media. How much messaging is “pushed” at you, where someone wants you to buy their stuff, use their system and send them money? Where’s the value?

Today I’ll challenge you to break that. Break all of it.

If you want to stand on an island in this sea of sameness, you need to do what no one else is. And in this landscape of push marketing, it means finding a way to pull them in. And how do you do that?

Value. Content. More value. And more content.

All under the pretense of giving, giving, giving and giving more in a spirit of authentic sharing, without asking for anything in return.


The concept is jab, jab, jab, right hook. Value, value, value, ask. But for the people who really want to dominate in this arena, it’s more like a full round of boxing – with hundreds of jabs thrown in there. And when you go to throw a hook (ask them to do or buy something), even if they don’t – you’re fine. You’re great. You just keep boxing, keep jabbing, keep doing the right thing for the right reasons. Respect the process.

What’s this look like in your world?

  • A daily one minute video (to clients, prospects, anyone) sharing thoughts and not holding back on incredible strategies?
  • Speaking at community events for free, literally not asking for a single thing in return?
  • Mentoring or coaching others in your business who need it?
  • Sponsoring other professionals or putting them onto a pedestal when it makes sense?

That list could go on and on and on, if you’re not asking yourself, “What do I get in return?”. Because every single one of your clients and prospects are getting marketing hooks thrown at them daily. They’re dodging and ducking all the time.

To stand out, you need to give value repeatedly, consistently, wait for the “pull” into you to happen (be patient, it’ll take time) and smile ear to ear no matter what happens.

Because you didn’t need anything in return to begin with.

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