Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

I’m 50% average at numbers.

You’d describe my handyman skills as mediocre.

When it comes to anything artistic, I just hope to blend in.

Camping, boating, fishing and anything “car stuff”, you’re kind to call me lackluster.

And I’m absolutely, positively, unremarkable at golf.

But I’m super cool with owning that okayness. Owning that is the reason I can quadruple down on the areas to crush! Strengthen your weaknesses? Or off load them and quadruple down on your strengths? I know which I’ll choose.

One thought on “Owning Your Okayness

  1. Alice Karakas Neuman says:

    This is a good one!

    -Alice L. Karakas Neuman



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