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It’s just SO MUCH….

In 2018, can you feel the overflow of information in your life? All the emails, news stories, headlines, “experts”, opinions, divisions, points and ensuing counterpoints. It becomes overwhelming if you let it.

  • If I feel that way – how do you, my clients, feel?
  • If you feel that way – how do your clients feel?
  • And if we all feel this way – what should we do about it?

This “too much information” world isn’t slowing down either. Ever. To the contrary, it’s speeding up and providing more, more, more and more every year, exponentially. (To see something that’ll blow your mind, look at these live Google search statistics). So naturally, that means your access to information decreases in value every second. The way I memorized state capitals or multiplication tables in 3rd grade is no longer relevant. Siri, Alexa and Google own that. Learning to learn is valuable. But memorization for memorization no longer is.

So what Matt?!? What’s it mean to me?

This means that your ability to recall information will constantly decrease in value. Google will relentlessly crush you. But…there’s a heap of good news that follows, to everyone open to it. In this world of  information overload; an entirely new and more nuanced field continues to flourish. As opposed to information recall’s continuous decline in value, this field becomes more valuable by the second.

Your clients we referenced above (who feel the same information overload) want a trusted expert. They need someone to lean into, who has their best interest at heart, understands their situation and is intellectually and psychologically capable of custom curation. Curation they can’t do. Curation Google, Siri or Alexa won’t perform. Curation only you can handle.

A museum curator could choose any number of masterful pieces to display. They have endless medium, artist and subject options. But the best curators have an understanding around what they want to create. They envision what their audience needs before their audience knows it for themselves. They have a skill set that’s incredibly valuable; and your highest functioning level is evolving to become similar.

With the endless amount of information building daily, what does your audience want (even if they can’t tell you)? Then more importantly, how can you take everything available to them (like these 8.77 million search results on “Retirement Planning”) and organize things to make sense?

  • Those who filter…
  • Those who siphon…
  • Those who are the (intellectual & psychological) resource people trust…
  • Those who envision what their clients need…
  • Those who make the complex simple…
  • Those who custom curate win…

Curation is king.

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