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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself. With so many success tactics to try (that work for other people, so they’ll work for you, right?) and options at your fingertips – you’re ready to do it all. Now. Yesterday in fact. But recently I’ve needed to slow a couple of you down.

Case #1 involved a client of mine eager to execute on a platform we recently introduced centered on “Earning Stages”. It involves creating a signature talk, valuable calls to action, the “closing heart” and proprietary processes. Beyond that we showed how to scale beyond the stage and place a relative value score on every stage possible. The wrap up involved 5 types of stages to earn, mediums to approach decision makers, materials we’ll create alongside you and an avenue to charge ahead with all of it. At the end of this presentation over 100 clients signed up (at $8k apiece!) within 30 minutes. Phew! Powerful. He wanted in. So it makes sense that my client should move forward, right?

Nope. He wasn’t ready.

When we dissected his 2018 marketing plan there was a gaping hole in client events. No client education, a sporadic client referral event every now and an annual (cost too much, no ROI) client appreciation event. The whole client event processes needed revamped in a big way. So before we charge into a brand new marketing funnel (earning stages) I suggest we fix what’s already in place, but broken. Then, and only then, can we have fully commit to the next big thing.

Case #2 involved someone who wanted to hire their first associate/junior/sub advisor into the office. On the surface, I agreed. Time was stretched thin, service was taking up too much time and one marketing funnel was producing big results; where we could double into that and expect to see amplified results. No brainer, right?

Nope. He wasn’t ready.

As we dug deeper into his marketing processes and tracking, it was clear there was little to see. Very little of it was documented. Looking beyond that, we discussed a repeatable sales process that this additional advisor could step into and use. Again, nothing formalized had been created. Speaking about staff and how they interact with the advisor, what roles they take on and how they fit into the overall picture, it was choppy at best. Heavy doses of communication, transparency and alignment were needed. Show me an intentional marketing plan with basic tracking on the front end, a repeatable sales process outline in the middle and staff who understand where their largest value is created on the back end – then we move ahead full steam. But not until then or it fails.

While we all want to take the next “it worked for them, it’ll work for me” step (a positive trait, since we’re wired for growth) – be careful to not get ahead of yourself. I want that next step for you too. I want that next marketing platform, that next stage, that additional advisor and to see that ear to ear smile on your face at the end of 2018. But make sure we slow down to evaluate your step first, before you take it.

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