Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Head, Heart, Hands.
Head, Heart, Hands.

Say it with me now…
Head, Heart, Hands.

When you’re moving into a “call to action”, albeit at the end of a public workshop, radio show, television spot, in a current client setting or over coffee with a referral; the situation doesn’t matter. As the #1 overall producer at Advisors Excel told me last week:

“Tell them what you got, what it’ll do for ’em & what to do. In that order, don’t over-complicate it.”

  • This is what I’ve got (appeal to logic, their head).
  • This is what it’ll do for you (appeal to emotion, their heart).
  • This is what you should do (appeal to action, their hands).

One more time. Are you sick of it yet?

C2A Formula = Head, Heart, Hands.

Go get it.

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