Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

You made the jump.
You’re doing things your way, the right way, how you envision it.

But not everyone likes it, right? Maybe not your friends, parents or even your spouse. Your competition for sure doesn’t like it and status quo is screaming at you to stop! If we’re being honest, there are times you’re even questioning yourself. But only for a small minute. Because again, you’ve decidedly taken a different path (since you crave different results).

When they push back, what do you do? Let it bother you? Cave and fall in line, taking the same, worn-out route everyone else does? Or…
Can you find a way to “love the push back” because it means you’re playing offense, when they’re playing defense? Your mentality becomes your greatest weapon.

Do you regret it? Nope. Not you.

You’ve already won; because you’ve done what 99% won’t. You leapt. You’re in rarefied air because you’ve already pushed forward.

The market is the market. And long term you’ll win if you’re good enough. (That’s for a different post.) But today, that’s not the point. Because while I hope you win at this long term – I already applaud you. Stop, smile and be proud of the jump.

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