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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

I hear it all the time. Someone will be talking about “the good ole’ days” when they were growing up, in school or a young adult and say something like:

“I’m so glad social media wasn’t around in those days.”

And I cringe. Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong, I see where they’re coming from. We all did stupid things growing up that weren’t not proud of. We’re all flawed and have different learning experiences in our past.6 icons

Because social media is not the problem. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp & LinkedIn are not causing the issue.

But you know what THEY ARE DOING? They’re exposing.

Social media isn’t causing the behavior you see today, it’s merely creating a platform of radical transparency where you (yes you & everyone else) are no longer able to hide.

  • The 1990’s allowed you to live in a private home.
  • The 2000’s tore down those walls and replaced them with glass.
  • The 2010’s (today) are shattering those glass walls and replacing them with 2 foot tall, open-air fences.

And I’m confident the future has us tearing down those last, small fences and inviting everyone to co-exist in ways we couldn’t imagine just a few years ago. The hiding game is over.

What’s that mean for the future?

Quite simply it means all our “flaws” will be placed in a different bucket. What was once taboo is now talked about. What once was shunned will now be embraced. What once was ostracized will be internalized. More easily put, we will all love and connect more. In the future (and you can begin seeing this today) all of us will stop being hypocrites. The next 100 years of radical transparency will make humankind more empathetic.

So later this afternoon…

When you scroll through your feed and see how such-and-such did this. Next story is about how that other former star did that. Then your friend texts you about how shocking it is that ____ did ____ over the weekend! Can you believe that?!? Use all of that as context to where we are today. It all makes sense.

Today we’re caught with yesterday’s mindsets on today’s platforms. Of course there’s going to be regression! Technology has moved faster than our collective values. But soon we’ll see this is simply society taking a couple small steps backwards to achieve a massive leap forward! Transparency and empathy are the future. Thank you Facebook. Thank you Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and WhatsApp and LinkedIn.

Thank you social media. I just wish I could’ve learned more of this in “the good ole’ days”.

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