Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Stop whining.

Stop complaining.

Stop making excuses.

Whining, complaining and excuses are surefire DNA and a guaranteed recipe to fail. Want to know who NOT to partner with? Who NOT to ask for advice? Who NOT to spend more time around? People who are negative. Because you know what? No one’s listening to them! In the end … the market doesn’t care!

Listen to someone talk about the weather, about last night, about their spouse, about their kids, about dinner or the temperature in the room. Listen to someone complain about anything else trivial* and you’ll see insight that’s not trivial itself. Negativity breeds failure and if you don’t safeguard against it, it’ll pull you in.

Instead, make sure to always take care of one person. You.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

After you take care of yourself, blessings for everyone else follow.

Are you putting yourself in a position to succeed? Are you making the necessary moves to be happy? Or are you complaining to others about why you can’t? (Reminder again… those others aren’t listening. The market as a whole doesn’t care.) Take care of yourself. I mean that.

(* Note: This is not to an attempt to downplay real issues or circumstances of serious degree. If that is you though, the same advice applies. Take time and be intentional about giving yourself proper care.)

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