Matthew's Mind

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

Whining, complaining and excuses are surefire DNA and a guaranteed recipe to fail. Want to know who NOT to partner with? Who NOT to ask for advice? Who NOT to spend more time around? People who are negative. Because you know what? No one’s listening to them! In the end … the market doesn’t care!

Today we’re caught with yesterday’s mindsets on today’s platforms. Of course there’s going to be regression! Technology has moved faster than our collective values. But soon we’ll see this is simply society taking a couple small steps backwards to achieve a massive leap forward!

I’m scared that as you’ve been gathering client’s money and allocating pieces towards equity investments (AUM), you’ve only felt prosperity. Alongside the client, you’ve both exclusively experienced the good times. I’m scared there’s too much money in the system, it’s too loose, and too many people lack perspective.